Valley Transit District Text Description of District Boundaries

The Valley Transit District (VTD) is composed of the municipalities of Ansonia, Derby, Seymour and Shelton.

The approximate northern boundary of Valley Transit District in Seymour is close to Silver Lake, Briarwood Drive and Skokorat Road

The approximate eastern VTD boundary for Seymour, Ansonia, and Derby is close to Miller Road and Cogswheel Lane, Peat Swamp Reservoir, Rimmon Road, Ford Road, Baldwin Road, New Haven Avenue and the Housatonic River

The approximate southern VTD boundary for Shelton is close to Huntington Road and Route 8

The approximate western VTD boundary for Shelton, Derby, Ansonia and Seymour is close to Moosehill Road,  Daniels Farm Road, East Village Park, Squantuck Road, Holbrook Road, and Great Hill Road

Please call the Valley Transit District dispatch office at 203-735-6408 for further details.